Sunday, April 29, 2007

More Features Added to Adobe’s Contribute

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More Features Added to Adobe’s Contribute

I was just catching up on my reading when I came across this article by Jim Dalrymple, which appeared on, about Adobe’s Contribute adding blogging features.

If your like me, you have a lot of clients with an interest in blogging. Should they do it, they want to do it, how do they do it? From a design and maintenance standpoint, this could present a nightmare for most websites and designers. Allowing full access to a website could lead to disastrous results (even allowing access to a WordPress dashboard could wreak havoc). This latest version of Contribute could alleviate this problem.

The built in logging feature of Contribute would limit access to parts of the website or control panel and allow the client to post a blog. I have had success utilizing Contribute with clients in the past. The logging feature allowed the client to post new articles on webpages, add products, and even freshen page content while remaining clear of the basic code. Fresh content + No damage = Everyone happy! Best of all - it integrates with Dreamweaver seamlessly.

Check out the latest version of Adobe’s Contribute for yourself and see what it has to offer: Contribute.

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