Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Weekend In Pictures Jan. 13th - 15th

I just got a camera so I am a lil photo happy..

@ work.. working very hard! (P.I.C: Ivette)

Drive Home, Drive Slow Homey.. watch the 'rigs..

Julian says hello to all in a new way..

Friday The 13th, Full Moon..

One of my favorite spots, Taiga's its a Restaurant/Bar/Sheesha Lounge in Brandon Area

Eddie & Riley, loungin'

Tasty.. Hollands finest..

Sheesha lit, watching Steelers vs Colts game.. then Bears vs Carolina game..

Sleepy Riley..

Sunday, sunset drive home.. Good weekend, reeeelaxing..

Hope everyone is good.

Monday, January 16, 2006


" I have a dream...

I have a dream that one day little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers

I have a dream today"

..One of America's greatest he fought hard for equality in a very divided America at the time. Thanks to this man.. we are all as one: Americans.


Thank you for your service and contribution to this great country Mr. King you will never be forgotten. RIP

Google as always, representing.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Wednesday.. January 11th 2006..

What a messed up day.. I wake up at crazy hours .. check my email, search for new videos and see the news headlines.. then head to the shower.. get dressed quick and I mean quick.. head out right on time to go to work and arrive right on time.. parking where I am not supposed to and risk of getting my car towed, but I don't care cause I am late! "tow my s**t, f**k it!

Work really sucks right now.. it seems this way in the beginning of the new year.. the owners do not advertise so you receive all these b/s calls for information (which means "no sale" button press).. To top the icing on the cake I have to sell this new TV system out of Dallas, Texas called "U**TV" ohh man, not going to even get into that. But hopefully it wont be that bad.

The only good part of the training class was listening at my cuban friend "K"... "K" used to be my partner in crime before she was promoted to supervisor, "K" is 32 - 5"9' about 130lb and gorgeous, but this is one strong woman she does not take any, from nobody. Pure latino woman.. I love her to death. If she wasnt married with 2 kids already, she would be wearing my ring.

Back to reality, sorry I drift off often.. the day ended good. we "Me, Jenn, Shaq, and "K"" ordered chinese from the local joint, sat around and ate and joked around and had a great time then I departed and that was it! :)

..end of day..

Album of the day:
Kanye West - Late Registration

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Es martes ya, son las 6:30 de la mañana y todavia estoy despierto. :-|

¿..Que rapido se va el tiempo cuando lo estas disfrutando..?

Hoy va hacer como otro dia estupido ir a trabajar, hablar con personas que no tienen ni medio celebro a tratar de venderle DirecTV.. despues pienso a visitar al amigo mio de Morocco, Nabil. Para muestrarle los libros nuevo que compre para aprender mejor el idioma favorito mio ahora, arabe.

bueno me voy a ir a dormir porque son las y :36 y me tengo que levantar a las 12:00pm

Oscar, si leyes esto espero que lo aigas pasado bien en Puerto Rico, espero que te fue "bacano".
Bueno amigo te veo en el trabajo y me esplicas.

Ciao a todos y que dios bendiga..

(making sure my spanish is still somewhat good ;-))

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Came and Went

My 27th Birthday came and went fast I stayed up way too late and went to bed at around 8am to wake up at 7pm.. insane times to be sleeping.. I awake and its dark outside feels really odd.

For my new year, 1st I want to terminate my long time relationship with my current girlfriend.. I don't see anything going anywhere. so I am finally going to do that.. 2nd move to a different place and 3rd hopefully go work in the field where I belong and love which is multimedia (either tv or films) I have a talent for most of the technical stuff and computers so I can do it.. just a little intimidated, but I will be fine..

I finally found a decent copy of the movie "Jarhead" which is about a US marine that goes off to war in the 1st gulf war in '91, it is also a true story. Many people saw this movie and didnt like it but I actually liked it. I recomend it to anybody that likes the military its not an action flick more of a drama but has some scenes with action. The acting and directing is solid and enjoyable.

a quote from the late Tupac Shakur regarding my birthday:

"..time goes by, puffin' on live, hoping that it gets me high.. got a nigga going crazy.. I feel crazy.." RIP

I am happy in my life right now and thats whats important to me, hope everyone is feeling happy and doing good..

- Jay

Friday, January 06, 2006

eid meelad sa'eed lel 'ana amerki'

It's here I am 27 and I am wasted :)

My weekend began tonight I started by going out for a few drinks with my lovely Ecuadorian co-worker for a friendly chat on life over margaritas and long island iced teas...

Now I am sippin' on some Heinekens watching tv and browsing the internet..

I love this picture, shows our true intentions.

I am getting OoOold, scary..


Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Google has some of the coolest logos when it comes to holiday's and birthday's here are my favorite three so far:

Louis Braille Birthday - January 04, 2006

Anniversary of Lunar Landing - July 20, 2005

National Teacher Day - May 3, 2005


My Birthday is friday and I cannot think of what to do...
so many things to do here...

I have 4 days off from work, paid.. maybe I'll go to Clearwater and stay @ the Hilton Oceanside and watch the sunset, like when I did back in the day with my friend from Macedonia (God, I miss her.) in memory of our "friendship". That's the sunset there spent with her. (timestamp removed purposely)

...now back to reality :|

Sunday, January 01, 2006

a BRIGHT star from mosul..

Check out aunt najma's blog she is very opionated..

I have been visiting her blog for a while...I think more americans should be reading her blog..

She is only 17 but very intelligent.

link: http://astarfrommosul.blogspot.com/