Monday, June 07, 2010

Flickr Updated!

I have been investing a lot of time trying to learn the trades of photography. I can say I am somewhat satisfied with the results and it has all been self taught.

You can see some of my better shots there.

My set up has changed a little, I now have:

Canon EOS Rebel XTi (Still The Same)
Canon Battery Grip (Traded For The Targus)
Canon IS 28-135mm (Traded The Sigma 28-200mm [was not working well with my camera body])
Sigma 10-20mm Ultrawide Lens (Great Landscape Lens, I haven't got to use it yet much)
Canon 50mm 1.8 Prime Lens (Great For Fast Indoor & Night Shots)
Sigma 70-300mm (Traded For The Canon 75-300mm)
Promaster 7500EDF Flash

I am almost ready to buy my next lens which is the Canon 70-200mm f4 L Series lens.

Can't Wait!