Wednesday, January 31, 2007

fin de mes

Ahh.. Soo much for new years resolutions Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

One month down, eleven more to go.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Wondering, what happened with DC? Maybe it didnt go as planned? is what you should ask? Haha maybe you are right. Soon soon.


My mother and a large portion of my family are fans of the FOX hit show "24" and are always drooling over it. I myself have never seen a full episode soo I dont know what I am missing.. But it felt good handing them over a pre-air copy of the 1st 4 episodes of season 6 a week before air time. They were only a lil bit excited - I promise ;)

Post I made on a different blog..

On the rainy night of january 5th 2007 after a long flight from tampa to washington dc to spend my birthday with my friends. I receive a call from Shaq to wish me happy birthday and bring me some surprising news..

"dogg you said it all the way, as of today BCK is no more!"

What?! The phone almost dropped of my hands, I couldn't fucking believe it! At 1st I was very happy because of the circumstances that they had let me go a few months back, which I'll explain now as a "no call no show" which is fine if I was just fucking around but this was legit and on top of that I brought proof that I was at the doctors. But no not good for them they wanted to just say not good and just wipe me out forgetting the fact I was there 3 years with no major problems, very loyal to the company. I mean I know I was not the best employee and that happens when you dont like what your job but I was ok, and I did as I was told. Shortly after that I was granted unemployment (thanks!) specially when their stupid handbook says the no call no show was excused! In your own handbook!

Anyways, Now today I feel very sad for all the good people there that lost their jobs to this sorry grim of a place ala BCK. But now they have to feel what I felt when my rug was yanked from under me. People with new cars, new houses, kids, but this place never cared about you as a person just needed you to generate money and when you were despensable you were out! Just like everyone now since their contract was pulled out from under their feet but you move on! Just like I did and will find yourself in a better position being more prosperous and not stuck in a dead-end job.

I look in the mail and notice the flyer and shopwise are "BCK free" it really hits home when you see these small details.

I'll end this input with thanking my colleges there for the good times as I still talk to you and see you around. A Fat FUCK YOU then THANK YOU to all that had to do with my termination and waking from hibernation.

God Be With You / Que Dios Esten Contigo / الله معك

Thursday, January 04, 2007


The day started of going to one of the spots I frequent called "Taiga" had a blast from what I remember, woke up asking myself "where am I..? Ohh whew at Jess's house" slept in a little more then woke up, took care of business, then ducked out the door to the blistering sun went into my car and I go to start it and it doesnt want to after a half hour of trying to get it going I gave in and called my friend to come get me..

Now this is great more money to spend on this car! AAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGHHH!

Hungover, Barely Slept, Hot Sun, No Working Car = Not Happy!

Anyway I was pretty much paralyzed for today and couldn't get anything done outside the home. :(

I really can't wait till I am on that plane on friday.. almost here.

Monday, January 01, 2007


That's two days in a row that I wake up with all my clothes still on & a throbbin headache but its all good cause it was WORTH IT! :D Anyways, same as the night before hanging out with the family acting retarded. FUN FUN! until my mother found out my friend flying with me to D.C. is from Saudiya and started to ask "questions" NOT FUN! I had to put her in her place though (thanks American media).

Looking forward to my trip. We fly out early friday morning and arrive at 8:30am and will be there till monday afternoon.