Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Today (05.22.06) was my big day.. My day started off by going to the orthodonist and getting the spacers removed. After that I was fitted with the brackets and wires, everything went smoother than I thought.

After that, I went to my regular dentist to have some fillings done and that was not fun. Mainly cause it was my two front teeth. The part that was the worse was the shot to numb it. I was poked 5 times and was very bad.

Other than that I am pretty happy with the outcome, specially with the braces. I know theres a semi-long road ahead for this quest but I am glad that I got it done with. I have been wanting to do this for over 10 years!

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Once again I escape into the nightlife.. I miss it soo much..

I started by going to Taiga's all by my damn self. After repeated attempts to 'friends' specially the onces that said they would go and then dissapear into the night.

"..after saying you would go and not picking up the phone after is just weak.."

As soon as I arrive greeted by 2 good people I have known around. I ordered a Heineken & Sheesha w/ strawberry. Very good flavoring.. I am done with the 2nd heineken I go to get another and here comes مرون out of the blue. He stayed around with me hanging out talking s**t about work & whatnot. These ladies approach us asking about the sheesha, mind you.. these are gorgeous females (american). She tried it and loved it at 1st she was like thats it..? Yeah breathe in and out thru nose then she got it. To make story short.. her friends pealed her away from us.. After 15 minutes of just talking to us.. (imagine blode hair & blue eyed pretty face starring at you talking softly about how her man is passed out at home & shes out on her own..??). We take off ..M.. Leaves in his bike.. I stay behind with 'Mike' talking to him about arabic & sheesha stuff. He runs the small liquor store next to Taiga's. I finish there & I'm off to 'ClubFuego'

I get there at 1st.. all alone again, sad. The place was packed, everybody there was spanish I did not see one person not spanish, period. I loved it, everybody was nice & having fun. Either drinking, talking or dancing, It was cool. It was just ridicoulus how many people were trying to get alcohol at the same time, shows latinos for you. Next time I'll snap a picture of the scene so you can experience the ridicoulousness (is this a word?) of the moment. (Note to bar: more bartenders please!) I talk to the girl I was meeting there and we talked for a while, we were catching up on life. We had worked together long ago & had hooked up briefly then never talked again. But it seemed she was interested more on dancing.. So we exchanged a few words.. blah blah.. Then I decided to book out of there right away, after an hour.. She said she would call.. I thought, whatever.

I made it home in one piece.. It's funny cause I came really close to not doing anything at all. I decided too and ended up being alot of fun even by myself, but not really. Whatever I'm going to bed..

مع السلامة
(Thanks Sweetheart)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

This week, same as last.. before last.

Like the popular american saying "same s**t, different day" Lately I have been scheduling my doctor appointments in the way of work so I can be excused.. So I don't have to go to work and work a full day.

My mouth is doing ok, of course with the help of Ibuprofen 800mg every 6 hours I dont even know the "spacers" are there. Thanks to God for medicine, I was in soo much pain. Monday this scenerio will be over. Monday I will have a full mouth of braces and my teeth will be relaxed, God willing.

It's pretty interesting with online social gathering websites. I have found many people on there that I havent talked too in years. Also many people I wished to be social with but was prevented cause of certain circumstances. I am talking about MySpace.

Other than that I am looking forward to saturday: international night at one of my favorite places.. It's international night so its pretty much Lebanese night alot of beautiful women hanging out and about.

Monday cause of the dentristy..

Feels soo good to be alive even when life is soo unpredictable.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


I'm in pain right now.. I'm in the opening stages of getting teeth braces put on, to correct my teeth and I have some rubber things in between my mollars. My teeth & jaw are killing me!

2 weeks of this.. pray for me.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Tonite I finally got out and spent some time with my friends from work.. it was alot of fun to get out of the house.. Beautiful persian women rock! all I can disclose. ;-)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Decent Meaningless Days

Today was a good day.. to start, I check the mail and come to find my tax return check, YES! That one caught me by surprise but a good one. The picture was taken while driving, yes I am skilled.

Off to work I go, today was ok it was steady flow of business which is good. Everybody around me seems to be ok.. With the exception of a few people that take the smallest dubest things and blow it up into a major ordeal. Which I dont have a clue why they do that knowing how miserable they make themselves. I see this in some people they love all this drama crap. cannot go a day by without a little drama.. ahh who knows..?

My good friend Shaq is missing from work.. I miss having him around and clowning/joking around on life and work stuff.. He was put in jail for failing to abide by the rules, he was caught driving with a suspended drivers license a few times and the law finally had his way with him. He will be in there for a few weeks maybe months.. he was on probation for something previous that was serious, soo he will be in there for sometime. God be with my dogg Shaq, peace & patience for him.


Finish work, go to gas station to fuel up on $3.00 a galon gas.. "..thlath'een ala arb3a.." or thirty on four in english. The gas store is owned by a lebanese family, Very good people they are always happy to help me with new words. They still wonder why some average american bloke would want to learn their language, but they think its cool.. I grab some Heineken Beera for the night and head home. I drink myself to sleep..

Wake up the next day to heavy rain showers. How perfect could it not be, I love the rain.. it is soo peaceful. The power goes out! now I have to rely on my mother or someone to call me to wake me up to go to work, I think. But luckly the power came back after an hour or two.

and the day goes on and on and on..

album of the week:

Massive Attack - Mezzanine

peace to all!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Oscar Wins!

After all the s**t talking, Mayorgas gets knocked out by De La Hoya in the 6th round. Making Oscar De La Hoya the new WBC super welterweight champion.

We all gathered tonite to watch this boxing event on TV with all of our friends here at our home. Brief information on tonites bout:

Oscar De La Hoya (38-4, 30 KOs) destroyed Ricardo Mayorga (28-6-1, 23 KOs) to claim the WBC super welterweight title on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. De La Hoya dropped Mayorga with a left hook in round one and staggered him later in the round. Oscar continued to batter Mayorga in round two. Mayorga landed a good uppercut in round three, although it was still Oscar's round. "The Golden Boy" continued to school Mayorga in rounds four and five then dropped Mayorga in the sixth. Referee Jay Nady halted the bout during Oscar's follow up barrage. Time of the stoppage was 1:25.

Good Times!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

My Lovely Nephew, Julian

I took this today (May 4th '06) His mama loved it :-)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Going back

Sorry, I blew off the whole day without a immigrant rally.. too busy getting some much needed rest. I give God thanks everyday for being born to a Puerto Rican family. Puerto Ricans don't have the challenges of the whole immigration issue. We have instant citizenship for being a US protectorate. So I don't really have much to voice or any say so about the immigration issue.

Going back..

Recently, I have been taking advantage of my great medical benefits I have cause of my day job.
Going to the general doctors office for physical. Dentist, cause I haven't been to one in over 3 years, for routine and cleanup. Optometrist for my glasses & contacts which burns a hole in my pocket. I have special eyes that need special everything so I always have to pay over $300 for contacts etc..

By doing all of these appointments and what not. It has been taking me back to when I was really young when my mom used to ride me & my sister around to doctor appointments. Nothing special about all this but its just a sign of a person getting older, time passing by, and missing those little moments that brush us by so quickly.


Thankfully work has been picking up and everything has gone pretty much back to normal. There were a few weeks when I was very tight on my budget, I am not used to that and I don't like it! I am used to having money and being able to do what I want when I want. Specially now that I'm not in a relationship and I can go out with friends more often.


hello world!

I am displaying a self portrait of myself I had to do for class, this assigment had to include one or more of my biggest interests at the moment and the use of photoshop to define. If you like it or hate it please leave a comment.

I wish everyone around the world a good week, hope all of you are in good health and find yourself happy.. this day today is a gift from God, make the best of it!