Wednesday, December 30, 2009

For Some Reason..

For some reason I always write on here before the year ends. And here I am doing it again.

I plan on changing the blog around a little to focus on what I am up to at this moment in my life. I will keep all my old posts as a reference to old and good memories.

I am and have been into photography and video and I will aim at improving that and using this blog as feedback if possible. I just signed up for a flickr account. Found here:

It does not have anything yet at the time I am writting this, but it will soon.

For the curious on what equipment I have:

Canon EOS Rebel Xti
Targus Battery Grip
Sigma 28-200mm lens
Canon 75-300mm lens
Promaster 7500EDF Flash

This is all still photography for now I am still working on the video part.