Thursday, June 15, 2006


Today started waking up with a wicked cough cause of the cold/sickness, I have been having for the last few days. Today I also had my last appointment with the drill.. I mean dentist. I got done with that, tried to get a haircut but was full.. I went to my sisters business and she reminded me my cousin was back from Colombia and wanted to have dinner with us. I rushed home and got ready and went to dinner.

Dinner was pretty interesting specially when you can't feel the left side of your face. It was pretty funny! Drooling on myself and stuff falling out of my mouth, ahh. It was facinating to hear her stories about living in England & the situation in Colombia. (Her husband is a high ranking official in the US Air Force). She has been traveling all over the world and is exhausted.. But she was pretty happy to be in our company, it brought us all back to childhood, cause we were all raised together in Puerto Rico. We finished dinner and went on our way. I think we will go out this weekend if nothing comes up and have a good time.

Today turned out pretty damn good :)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Out again.. (Friday)

Ok soo I go out again..

This time I go with my good friend "د" from work. It was pretty interesting hanging out with him and his whole crew (10+) Pretty interesting night everybody except me was Black (African American). We went to Taiga's.. It is pretty interesting to see how people react when they see a crowd of black people around they all go around and out of the way, sad. So we all went in.. (the ones that could) Inside was cool alot of people there just chillin and havin a good time.. I seen alot of faces I havent seen in years.. some I prefered not to see and some that I wanted to see. It was cool though alot of people in that place. Music was deffinately better than other days, this was my 1st time there on a friday, and ladies drink free soo that means alot of ladies which is good.

We got a melon flavored sheesha to pass around, a few round of shots and, plenty a heinekens to go around. Everybody was pretty much lit and dancing to the beats. We closed the place down and went to د's house and fired up some of the earth's finest.

Great night overall just chillin with my friends and having fun..

I need to get out more often.. I miss the nightlife dearly.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Zarqawi Is Dead

#1 Iraq & US enemy sent to hell by american rocket near Baquba.

CNN Article

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Back to Dentist

Today I go back for two more fillings. I am dreading the needle again, it's the worst part. After that is all gravy. Other than the smell of drilled teeth, yuck!

My braces are doing fine with everyday life. Other than the wires poking on the inside of my mouth and when I sneeze, I will live!